The paranoids are out to get me

I have had lots of time but have been unable to lift a brush…I can’t paint.

Alright, I’ll say it, and if I disappear or get sick and die so be it!

I think all this flu scare is bullshit, a lie and a global plot to bring about a one world government.

Even the CDC web site says the Corona virus expresses its self, in most people, as no worst than a mild cold. Most people walk around without even knowing they are infected. Granted, this stain goes for the lungs and can be deadly to those with existing difficulties such as asthma and diabetes. Yet, this can be said of stains that are prowling our community already. Why have they shut us down; the entire world no less?

I’ve watched every video I can stomach, read every article I can force my way through and I just don’t get it. we have endured viruses in the recent past that have been more dangerous… so why now do we huddle down and hide. It’s weird to the point that Salvador Dali would have said, “Nope! Too surreal.”

Social distancing? Wash your hands?. Essential jobs? Stay at home orders– from the government. Really?

From the get go; every fiber of my mind and soul has rebelled at the onset of the government imposing restrictions on its people like an angry totalitarian monarch throwing a temper tantrum.

And the result had been illuminating. Toilet paper and cleaning products hoarded into false, man made shortages. Mild cynics, like myself, have been pushed into becoming full blown paranoids.

And then, I can’t paint! Even my drawing requires great effort. I am filled with anxiety, sloth and depression. I know this too shall pass…. but it sucks going through it!

To what end is all this enforced shutdown? To save us from a bug that we would have survived without government intervention?

It has been my experience that the worst results are born of noble intentions.

Hitler wanted to restore his homeland’s honor and pride. But, even from the very get go he used fear and hate to fuel the national resurgence. Result; millions of human beings murdered in systematic mechanized slaughter houses.

Universal health care? (I really think that is where we are heading). Equal treatment for everyone…yea! Sounds wonderful… plays out like a nightmare. Long waits, inadequate service; folks in Canada come to the US to get care they can’t receive in their own country. Or, so the media tells me.

Years ago, I lost my mind when we put a socialist into the white house. I began listening to ‘conservative’ radio shows and even bought into their rhetoric. Then, one day I tuned into a ‘liberal’ station. It was the same sensational nonsense but from they other side. It’s all about entertainment and had no substance or truth. So, what can we beleive?

And here is the worst reality of all. All this shut down and restrictions wont save us. When prople go back to work the bug will still be there and newer, stronger and more deadly diseases are coming. We can only slow the spread not stop it. No one gets out of life alive.

So, what can I beleive in. I can beleive in the prower of my forever family. They’ve known me for years; they know who and what I am. Dispite my grumpiness and often cynical out look they still allow me indoors. There is no other explanation for this other than the benevolence of a higher power expressing itself through their kindness. And therefore; there is a God and he does love me and will give me the strength to carry my share of the load. But, he won’t do it for me…I still have to get off my ass and do my job.

And so, last night, we had a group meeting via the internet…I got to see my friends whom I have so deeply missed. I want my brother and sister hugs (Social distancing be Damned)…they give me enough strength, just by their smiles, so that I am able to paint again: even this poor excuse for art but it’s a start on the road again.

Thanks for letting me rant.

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