I need a Hug

It’s 5am Sunday morning. There’s no church meeting, there’s no AA or Celebrate Recovery meetings and even if there where… we are supposed to practice ‘Social Distancing’, not gathering in groups of more than 250 (or is it 5 now?) washing hands, coughing into elbows, Vulcan peace signs…. and that might be a good thing, we should be more aware and careful….

But, I need a hug. I miss the proper gentle sharing of space and strength.

Last week (it seems so long ago) I walked into my Friday night recovery meeting and was greeted with a warm hug by our ministry leader. (She is a hugger)

Next, two little ladies hug me from either side. “Hi, grandpa Terry.” (They are just so cute). Another young lady jumps up and throws her arms around my neck, “Hey big brother!” I feel warm and loved.

This week, nothing, zilch, nada..hugging bad!

Church service on the internet. Everyone stay home, huddle down and wait out this impending doom.

And I am depressed….I need a hug. last week was my birthday (I am 106 btw) and I did not even see my mom. I’ve had all this time to paint and I can’t.. I’m worried. And worry leads to depression and depression kills creativity.

I know this too will pass. We will survive we may even grow stronger… but life will never be the same again. Many folks are out of work, we are in a sudden, self imposed recession.

Excuse me, I have to listen to Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will survive’. There, I am better…

I’ve lived a longer life than most people in human history. I’ve seen worst and more frightening times and events. And yet, we have survived. l have faith in a power greater than myself (I’m a Christian) that power had always seen me through. The hard times have been when I forget my faith and worry. “Who amongst you can gain one minute by worry?” Life is like a river; once in a while we hit the rapids. It’s scary, we know there are smoother waters ahead, but while we are in the midst of white water it can seem overwhelming. And I could sure use a hug.

So, here Enda seems a message of love to y’all. Practice safer social relationships, wash your hands, have faith this too will pass.

3 thoughts on “I need a Hug

  1. Peace, Rocket. I know it’s hard for you during these times as it is for a lot of us. I am quite the affectionate one and I have had to readjust my life accordingly. I am grateful for Jernee as she still gives me the connection, love, and touch that I need, but I cannot see my little cousins and love and hug on them and that is truly doing me in. Hang in there. Stay prayerful, protected, and safe.


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