Quarantine birthday (too much time to think today)

Even my momma doesn’t want to see me today. And I don’t blame her; I think this whole thing is bullshit…. but what if….

I keep asking; what will we do next time? Our country is systematically shutting down. Gatherings shut down, bars shut down on St. Pat’s day… no parade… hording…forced “vacations”.

I drive truck, yesterday the traffic was light to the point of alieving my claustrophobia…. but the people still driving….freaking nuts…. were even more aggressive than usual.

And then, yesterday, I got a text from my son. (He rents the basement of our house) He was at a party Saturday and so was a guy who tested positive for Corona. I read the text to my boss…. and got sent home. (my wife was also sent home, she has a home office set up and will work from home. She is very strict about her duties; I wil only be allowed to speak with her on her breaks. Very conscientious.

So, today is my 63rd birthday, and I’m isolating. I was hoping to go to my recovery group tonight (a friend is speaking) but my own conscience dictates otherwise.

No self pity, really, it is what it is and I really do not care for the fuss associated with the celebration of having completed, yet another, revolution around the sun.

I have a requested art project to work on, Netflix on the telly and a backyard to clean up (my puppies like to landscape).

But, what if it’s all bullshit? I have a life to lead. There are riffs in the universe that only I can fix (can you say: super ego).

Then again, what is rock-n-roll with out a great guitar riff.

Janice joplin just came up on my playlist ,(she did the best rendition of ‘Bobby Mcgee’). I am drinking my second cup of coffee, the dogs are snoozing peacefully and I have no flu symptoms, happy birthday old man.

Thanks for letting me share.

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