The 27 club #2

“When you’re a stranger”
Member #2 (via Rocket) of  the 27 club
I remember sketching in study hall. The radio was playing “Touch me” and roadhouse blues. I drew a cartoon of Jim singning into a microphone with Dracula on lead guitar, wolf man on drums and the mummy playing keyboard. I threw out the drawing; most folks thought I was weird enough already.

I was inspired by a photo that caught Jim from a upword angle. His face is a bit rounder than more flattering images. I think it captures the boy still in him. the kid who wanted to make movies and rebel against the status quo.

He also haunts me as I imagine the lost potential of having died so young. Everything I’ve read indicates that he and the doors had parted and would not be reuniting. Had they finished their run? We will never know. He was the face of entity known as “The Doors”. Without his fellows he was not the same. He did not die alone the Doors died with him.

Ray Manzarek was a frequent guess on my favorite radio show. He said he wants the band remembered as the doors of perception; a seeking of sight beyond the normal and everyday.

That’s what I seek in my art. Not just a portrait of what is readily available to the eye, but also that which is felt, interjected and perceived by the heart and soul. My viewer should have an experience even if it varies from my own. This is the true role of art; to suggest and to lead each participant from their own vantage.

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