Roots of a space girl

Edna the space alien was born from characters I developed for a comic strip; the Crash Dummies. There was Ralph and his family; Edna, his wife, Gem, the son and Scout the girl.

I applied to many newspaper syndicates, but no one showed any interest. For years my only outlet was posting on social media. Then, I grew weary of the crash dummies, bored even. I started concentrating on landscapes, surrealism and abstracts.

Somewhere, along the way, one of my cartoons was published. In total, I’ve had 4 cartoons published. Not exactly a stellar resume, still, a source of pride.

I stayed avoided cartoons like an alcholic shunning bars. ( Hi, I am Rocket, I am an alcholic) In fact, I used art as a substitute for drinking when I was learning to be sober.

I’ve always loved the thought of aliens amongst us. I want to beleive. Wouldn’t it be cool if we had friends from another world here to be our friends. I often feel like I’m seeing life through the eyes of a space alien. Why a girl space alien? My feminine side? The fact that have no daughter, sister or granddaughter? Maybe, I just think she is cute and fun; she makes me smile. And that’s enough.

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