I you love you Beth Dutton

One of my guilty pleasures is “Yellowstone” on TV. It starts Kelly Reilly and some other folks.

Kelly plays Beth her father’s only daughter; a strong woman, smart, attractive and as flawed and troubled as can be hoped in any fictional character.

Mostly, she’s a “bad girl” and that’s why I love her. I want to save her from herself. She is downright mean; she uses men and then moves on leaving their burned out husks behind her. The whole corporate world is a play ground for her. She buys, sells and deals in broad rooms while the ‘old boys’ are foggy headed trying to look down her hemline.

Beth is dire need of a rehab. She drinks like she’s fueling a rocketship to hell and she doesn’t care who gets burned on the way. She ‘loves’ whom ever grabs her fantasy as a form of control…

She’s a bad girl… mean and wild. She scares the shit out of me. Watching her is like watching a highway daredevil weave between speeding cars; there’s going to be a crash and it might happen now.

One of the ladies in my church also confesses to loving Beth. (although stated watching the show because it stars Kevin Costner). It is my intention to give this picture to her. We’ve had a couple of chats about the show…guilty pleasures… our biggest topic; why does Beth hate her brother so much.

In the long run, it does not matter. The show is just a distraction in an everyday world. Still, I can’t help but hope for Beth. Because she’ll find happiness with Rip, her childhood flame. Maybe, she’ll return to the city and run havoc in corporate boardrooms. What ever happens she’ll take a little piece of my heart and leave a twinkle in my eye.

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