My Valentine’s

I am blessed to help with my recovery group’s youth program. That means I get to teach and interact with kids middle school through high school.

I was born to be a teacher but failed to earn a teaching degree something for which I will have to answer to God. He forgives me and lets me do this work. The wayward son returns home.

The artists of these pictures are sisters. Their mother is like the daughter I never had she trusts me with her children an honor for which I’m very grateful. I have sat with the girls and passed on tips I’ve learned about art. And they listen to me. Something so simple and so important. Children need to know that they are loved and important. They have great value and should be cherished and loved. It’s also a lot of fun for this old man: as much fun as making my own pictures.

My mom was a school teacher and one of my cousins is a teacher. They were able to give a gift far beyond pencils and books; the lesson of self value. Not for what the students might someday become, but for what they are now.

This is how God loves us; just as we are right were we are.

And guess what, “my kids” love me just as I am, they even give me valentines.

Lord, I thank you for “my kids”. Help me to be the best surrogate grandfather I can be. Give me the strength, courage, honor, to guide, lead and listen. In Jesus’s name amen!

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