Elmer to Edna

I have always doodled and sketched and fiddled around with pen and paper.

When I realized I needed something to fo other than drink myself to death; I took up painting and cartooning.

Always being an admirer of newspaper comic strips I developed “Elmer”. He was a industrial mechanic (as was I) with a wife and family, freinds and co-workers. They were all a bunch of goofs. Sometimes, they would talk to me, (okay, I was really talking to myself but in the voice of my characters) one of the secondary characters kind of took over. Ed was a smart month, sober alcholic, woman chaser and karate fighter; the guy I thought I wanted to be.

I sent submissions to the paper syndicates but only recieved rejection slips.

I put aside my pencils for years. Then, I was inspired by the testimoney of a dear friend who quoted Gloria Steinem, “the truth will set you free: but first it’ll tick you off. ”

I went home and drew up my first cartoon in years.

Soon after I drew one about a crash Dummy support group.

Again I developed a cast of characters and story line. Again, no one was interested. After two years of rejections and Facebook being my only outlet, I started painting again.

Edna, the crash dummy became a space alien. She wants me to develop a line of greeting cards with her add host

And here. we are. I have a whole lot more to this story but this is enough for now.

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